Plastic Free New Quay – for a safer, cleaner environment

Plastic Free New Quay is a fantastic organisation that we are excited to promote here at Cool Coastal Lets. Set up late last year, the cause’s aim is to ‘fight plastic pollution in and around New Quay’. They do this by raising awareness of the dangers of pollution, organising litter-picking events and promoting their message on their Facebook pages.

The issue of environmental conservation, especially concerning the usage and disposal of plastics, came to the forefront of the mainstream media, when the damage and cost caused by plastic straw consumption became known. Statistics reveal that 71% of seabirds and around 30% of turtles in the ocean have been found with plastic in their stomachs, according to

Additionally, and rather pertinent the issue of coastal environmental preservation, about 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans each year, and straws contribute a lot to that figure, featuring in the top 10 items found in coastal clean-ups, according to the Marine Conservation Society.
Recently, the Environment Secretary Michael Gove has suggested that plastic straws could be banned in Britain. Additionally, in January, Theresa May stated she wanted to eliminate all avoidable plastic within 25 years.
If you want to get involved with Plastic Free New Quay and their cause, visit their Facebook page. Image credit: Bea Chater

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RNLI Lifeboat Discontinuation Controversy Brought to The House of Commons

It has emerged that on the 14th February, the local controversy surrounding the axing of New Quay RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat was brought to the House of Commons, by the Member of Parliament representing Ceredigion, Ben Lake.

The controversial issue deals with the fact that the RNLI have taken the decision not to renew the all-weather lifeboat for another service in the New Quay area, and instead have chosen to replace the existing vessel with a much smaller one, that is not able to travel as far as the previous vessel and in lesser conditions, at a cost of £214,000. Needless to say, a large group of campaigning residents have criticised this decision. The chairman of the Ceredigion Lifeboat Campaign, Richard Taylor, stated that it was a "poorly considered decision that cannot go unchallenged".

The motion brought forward in favour of the RNLI lifeboat to not be scrapped was supported in the House of Commons by a cross-party group of Welsh MPs, including Liz Saville Roberts, Jonathan Edwards, and David Davies. Importantly, the motion has also received the support of MPs of all major parties.

Among other concerns, the motion stated: “That this House commends the staff and volunteers of the RNLI for their life-saving work around the coat and at sea; is disappointed by the decision to downgrade the all-weather lifeboat provision at New Quay; is concerned that this decision is contrary to the RNLI’s core objective and principles…”. It is clear therefore that the board members and staff at RNLI will now have to reconsider or at least approach this issue from a new, fresh perspective.

Remember that you can still support the Ceredigion Lifeboat Campaign by signing their petition, which has now grown to almost 20,000 signatures – see our previous post for more details.

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New Quay’s all-weather lifeboat – an important asset, under threat

An all-weather lifeboat belonging to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution has come under threat of discontinuation, after the RNLI has decided that it will not replace the existing boat when its operational life comes to an end in 2020, leaving just the smaller inshore lifeboat to supply any aid to the area.

This decision has caused much controversy throughout the county of Ceredigion, as petition to retain the lifeboat in New Quay has garnered almost 20,000 signatures as of February (sign the petition for yourself, here:…/save-the-shannon-class-lifeb…).

Various volunteers that work with the RNLI have expressed their concern with the discontinuation of the essential lifeboat in New Quay, an area which has been served by an all-weather lifeboat of some form for 153 years. According to an image of a sign posted to social media, as of December 2015, the lifeboat had saved 349 lives, throughout 982 services. The future fate of the lifeboat remains to be seen, but the residents of New Quay are continuing to kick up a storm regarding this pressing matter.

For more information about the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, and how you can get involved in the campaign to save the lifeboat, visit the campaign’s Facebook page at, or sign the above petition.

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Waste and Wildlife: A Growing Problem in Cardigan Bay

Cardigan Bay, the largest bay in Wales, is home to many different types of wildlife, including a unique marine life. From the Ceredigion Coastal Path, it is often possible to catch a glimpse of the Bay's 'Big Three' species of harbour porpoise, grey seals, and bottlenose dolphins, of which the Bay has the largest population in the UK. Other mammals, such as minke whales, common dolphins, together with many species of sea birds, such as puffin, can also be seen.

Despite this beautiful wildlife, the rise of waste plastics being washed up onto the beaches of Cardigan Bay continue to pose a threat to their existence. The Cardigan Bay Special Area of Conservation taskforce was set up and appointed by the European Union to protect a variety of important species and habitat within the area from the growing threat of human pollution. The aim of the SAC is to maintain its rich and varied marine life in at least as good a condition as when the site was first designated, and particular attention is paid to ensuring that human activities carried out in the area are done so sustainably. However, it can be questioned whether the aims of the Cardigan Bay initiative are being met.

It is important to realise the full beauty of Cardigan Bay and make efforts to preserve it's natural, clean state. The following video was produced by a young local man, Gabe Heard, who frequents New Quay. It highlights the serene and picturesque nature of the Bay.

'Special Spaces in Special Places'

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